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Month: November 2014

Send These Emails - Taylor+Goes Blog Cover

8 Email Campaigns You Should Be Sending

From time to time it gets bandied about that email marketing doesn’t work and is a waste of time and money. Thankfully it’s relatively easy to confirm or disprove these wild accusations as …

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Ecommerce Fundamentals Image

4 Fundamentals to Increase eCommerce Sales

It’s great to have an arsenal of creative tactics for improving your eCommerce performance, but get the fundamentals wrong and you’re going to struggle. “But what are these fundamentals?” you may well ask. …

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The Art of the Facebook Cover

10 Tips To Make A Great Facebook Cover

It’s your billboard to the world and it’s so easy to get wrong. The Facebook Cover Photo can be one of the most important points of your social media branding. Whether it involves …

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