Onwards we push into November, and like Donald Trump’s list of scandals, the social news just keeps on coming. So, what happened in October? This…


After initial excitement, Twitter’s short-form video sharing platform is coming to an end. In a statement Twitter announced they will no longer be supporting the app, which allowed users to post six second looping videos. While many revelled in Vine as a creative output, with some creators building livelihoods around the platform, it never really hit the mainstream consciousness.

What happens next? So far Twitter has not released a timeline for closure, but once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Seemingly there are no official plans for content to be saved, so if you’ve got favourites, now’s the time to recap. The following video may self-destruct in five seconds:




Facebook Live arrived earlier this year and it’s proved to be quite a hit, with savvy brands using it to engage with their audience. We’ve seen some great examples from companies who allowed their fans to get a sneak peak of their brand new products before anyone else through the streaming platform, creating some real excitement. Verified pages can now embed a link to the live scheduled stream up to a week in advance and let followers join before it begins. Hopefully, this new addition will boost view counts and increase overall engagement.


It’s fair to say Instagram stories has been a massive success. The few dissenters and stories of Snapchat copycatting were quickly brushed aside, and Brands like Nike began to post exclusive behind the scenes content to keep their followers entertained between posts. Previously, stories were only available to those who followed the account posting them, but now they’ll appear in other people’s explore pages. 100 million users visit the explore page every day, meaning you should definitely expect some new followers from your future stories.


Blog cover image for Instagram Stories



Last month we told you about “Facebook Workplace”. Now, after years of testing, it has officially been launched. The new platform will allow all organisations to use Facebook Workplace as an all in one feature that could perhaps replace other applications such as Skype and Slack. Whether you want to share files with a colleague, collaborate with another company or brainstorm within a group, Facebook says it has it all. And of course, the regular features such as Facebook Live can also be used to your advantage. Has it got what it takes to be a contender or is Facebook’s new premium service too late to the party? Take a look here.


Image of Facebook Workplace


Gone are the days when Pinterest was considered the underdog of the social media world. With the announcement  that they’ve hit 150 million active monthly users, it’s fair to say we should all consider them a major player, and perhaps the most powerful contender when it comes to mixing social and commerce. Despite the platform’s users being some of the most active online shoppers on the internet, Pinterest is often neglected by marketers. But after being valued at $11 billion in 2015 and an expected three-fold increase in revenue in 2016, businesses should take note, Pinterest is coming.


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