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Social Media News: November 2016 Edit

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December has snuck up on us, and before we know it the year will be over. November FLEW BY, with lots of big news across the globe. Social Media kept up with this speed and we saw a lot of new stuff. Let’s check it out.


Facebook is launching a unified inbox that lets businesses connect their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts to facilitate communication management between the three channels in one place.
According to Facebook, Pages alone are seeing “nearly 5 billion comments, messages and visitor posts” each month, which a lot of time and effort in management.
This new feature will allow businesses who promote their brands through Facebook’s social networks to stay on top of their game. Messages received through Instagram, Messenger and the page itself – including Facebook comments and reviews, as well as Instagram comments – will all be visible in this unified box. Individual channels will be accessible from tabs for users wishing to keep things separate.
That’s not all though. Facebook has included a functionality to help companies better understand the people who connect with their brand: you can now simply tap the person’s name to see their public profile and previous interactions with your company.
The inbox update will be rolled out globally for all users of the Pages Manager mobile app in the coming weeks.

Facebook Unfiltered Inbox Image
Image: Facebook


First announced in June, at the Cannes Festival, Creative Hub is now available to marketers around the globe (the company had been testing the product with a select group of 30 creative agencies for the past few months).
Along with the roll out of Hub to everyone, the company is also introducing a new Inspiration Gallery, which will showcase examples of outstanding mobile ads across Facebook and Instagram.
In the Creative Hub you will be able to see a preview of your ad just like users will see it on mobile Feed, for instance – it is also possible to generate a URL to send to your clients so they can also see this preview.
On top of that, you’ll be able to view all available formats and then decide what works best for your campaigns.
With the use of mobile marketing growing exponentially, Facebook hopes to make Creative Hub a destination for the creative community.


After the guys from TechCrunch spotted a jobs tab on their FB page in early November, Facebook has confirmed it is trying out a new feature which will allow page administrators to post job openings and receive applications from candidates.
The new feature could give companies another reason to drive traffic to their Facebook Page beyond marketing their products in the News Feed.
“Based on behaviour we’ve seen on Facebook, where many small businesses post about their job openings on their Page, we’re running a test for Page admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates,” a company spokesman told Reuters.
Using the new feature, companies will be able to create job listings on their Page and then share them on their News Feed. Users can click an ‘Apply Now’ button to be redirected to a standard job application, pre-populated with information from their public profiles.
This could mean deep trouble for LinkedIn, as the network only has 467 million members compared to the 1.79 billion on Facebook. And as LinkedIn is mostly accessed by people actively looking for new positions, Facebook could reach those not even considering a new job, to whom positions could be shown on their Time Lines.


Companies will now be able to post photo and video ads on Instagram in the vertical format, with an aspect ratio of up to 4:5. The idea is to provide users with the best possible ad experience, and advertisers with greater creative flexibility.
Instagram provided examples by Mulberry, Guaraná Antartica and LG USA, adding that businesses were seeing better view rates in the new format. As the company mentioned, this does not mean that experimenting with formats should stop, as advertisers figure out what “works best for the story [they] want to tell”.

Instagram Vertical Ads Image
Image: Instagram


Instagram announced two new tools: live videos within Stories and videos and photos that disappear on Instagram Direct.
Live video transmissions can last up to an hour, and will disappear as soon as it is finished rather than being saved to the app. When someone you follow start a Live Video, the “Live” icon will appear under the person’s photo on the Instagram Stories bar. You can also go to the Explore tab and see the streams that are most successful within your circle of friends. Just like on Facebook Live, users can ‘Like’ and comment during a broadcast.
But it doesn’t end there. Through the Snapchat-inspired ‘Instagram Direct’ users can now send short-lived direct messages to groups and individual friends. They will be able to see it twice before the images disappear – and senders will be notified if anyone takes a screenshot of your disappearing message.


Do you remember the Secret app? It was an anonymous social network, in which people told secrets without being identified, and others could comment and give advice regarding that. The app was part of a wave of anonymous apps back in 2014, but eventually shut down one year later due to criticism over privacy and cyberbullying.
In a recent interview David Bittow, co-creator of the app, commented that in response to the downsides of current social media products – which he believes led to Donald Trump’s presidential win –, the app would come back with a new face, adding that “It’s too important not to exist.”
Bittow, which currently has a startup called Bold, plans to hire a team of developers for the Secret V2 project, this time taking all possible precautions so that the same errors occurred in the original version does not happen again.


If you were wondering who was clicking on your posts on LinkedIn, this one is for you.
The professional network has just introduced audience insights on its mobile application, with desktop to follow soon.
By simply tapping on “Me”, users will get real-time insights about who read their posts – including job titles, the companies they work for, location, as well as how they discovered the content.
With millions of people sharing updates and publishing long-form articles on the platform, this new data will enable users to easily track the success of their strategies by knowing if their content is reaching their desired audience.
Additionally, by telling you who these people are, LinkedIn allows you to connect with more users who are relevant to your industry and expertise.


Twitter announced it is implementing a new tool to help users filter out harassment and abusive behaviour on the social network. The measure comes after the social network suffered heavy criticism for not having an effective mechanism to prevent bullying.
The new tool extends the “mute” function (which already allows users to block accounts that send inappropriate messages) to the notifications.
“We’re allowing you to silence keywords, phrases, and even entire conversations that you do not want to get notified about, which will be available to everyone in the next few days. This is a function we have heard many of you ask for, and we will continue to listen to make it better and more understandable over time, “added Twitter.


Twitter has introduced a new design for replies which ranks the conversations on its timeline according to indicators such as if the author replied, or if you follow the person who replied.
Custom ranking means that different people will see a different set of responses, although you can still expand the tweet to see the original thread.
The feature is new to mobile devices, although it has been available for the web since June 2015… It ranks more popular responses higher than others, so more people will be able to see it by default.


Snapchat proves again its relevance in the social media scenario. After releasing their Spectacles for sale recently in NY, the company is now giving Bitmoji fans a new way to integrate the animated characters into their snaps through custom geofilters.
For those who don’t know, bitmoji is an application that allows you to create your own cartoon version of yourself to use in your snaps.
Custom geofilters, which have been in place since February, allow you to create location-based graphics for a price (which depends on the area you’re covering and the duration of the geofilter). To add a bitmoji, users must choose a theme on the Snapchat website, and then customize the geofilter with their own design, message, colors and Bitmoji.
The integration of these two features is a great way to make a custom geofilter for a wedding or a special birthday event even more personal.

Snapchat Bitmoji Image
Image: Snapchat


If you ever wished there was an app to help you network based on your professional information, wish no longer: Shapr has arrived. By using the same algorithms as Tinder, the platform sends you daily lists of profiles it believes are good matches. Then it’s up to you: Swipe right if you want to connect and left if not. It the other person also swipes right, then you have a ‘Match’.
Users can sign up with their LinkedIn profiles or an email, and then add interests, expertise and the industry they work in. There’s also space to specify what you’re after – whether it is a job, a mentor or just a new connection.
If you’re worried others may see it as a way for flirtation, the app filters though inappropriate messages to “de-prioritise” senders.
What an intense month! Wonder what news Santa might bring us for Christmas. What would you ask for?

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