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Influencer Insights: @sliceofmatt

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Authenticity is key to the success of influencers, their followers have to trust that they aren’t simply promoting a product because they are being paid to. Strong influencers tackle this, by working with brands that fit their lifestyles naturally. We interviewed Matthew Mszczak (AKA sliceofmatt) on how helping a friend led to an online career of his own, and how he’s incorporated brand partnerships naturally into his content.

1) How did you start as an influencer?

I started as an influencer through a good friend of mine, Ben Brown (A big UK based YouTuber and Instagrammer). I was working closely with him for a few years, helping him out on projects and in the process I managed to build up a little following of my own (obviously with help from him and his audience).

2) How do you think the Influencer industry is evolving?

I think the industry is evolving in a bit of an unpredictable way, where there is no clear and obvious direction that it is going. However, I do like that a lot more brands and businesses are seeing the value in working with influencers (and less traditional content creators), and I think there is still more room for these sorts of relationships to develop. Especially as we see large creators building their own businesses off the back of their own success, and in turn knowing the value of using influencers.


3) What are the kind of brands that you work with and why?

I’m really open to working with any brand as long as I believe there is a natural fit with me and my audience. For example, travel brands are always going to be a natural fit due to the amount I travel. Mobile phone brands are another favourite as I love playing with new “toys”, and I also film all my videos on a mobile phone so there’s always a natural way for me to test it out and give an honest review!

4) Do you have any tips for brands looking to work with influencers?

I would definitely just say that they must do their research and PICK an influencer that they would like to work with, rather than casting a wide net and sending out a bunch of template emails and seeing what comes back to you. Maybe it’s just me but I prefer to work with a brand that I know has actually enjoyed (or at least even had a look at) my content and wants to work with me because of previous work I’ve done, rather than them just seeing a number of followers and not caring about the content the creator makes. It leads to poor relationships between influencers & brand, which in turn leads to a poor campaign.

Influencer partnerships can be an invaluable asset to a business’ marketing strategy. Make sure you build and nurture a relationship before contact and that the content style and influencer align with your own social presence. Unsure of how to go about finding your perfect influencers? Read our guide here.

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