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Influencer Insights: @sulsworld

Influencers shouldn’t be used as one-off faces for a brand. Building and maintaining a meaningful relationship with an influencer and ultimately their audience, can result in lifelong return customers who are invaluable to …

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Social Media News Sept 2018 Cover

Social Media News – September 2018 Edit

September was an exciting month for social, with many updates allowing businesses to achieve better results. Facebook made Stories Ads available to all advertisers, and offered new ways to showcase products this festive …

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image of influencer sliceofmatt

Influencer Insights: @sliceofmatt

Authenticity is key to the success of influencers, their followers have to trust that they aren’t simply promoting a product because they are being paid to. Strong influencers tackle this, by working with …

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Social Media News – August 2018 Edit

August was a busy month for social, with effective changes enabling businesses to optimize their success. Facebook rolled out new video creation tools and made Watch available globally, while YouTube announced that it …

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Influencer Insights: @fleurandrea

Influencers aren’t always about amplifying your brands reach. They can be great sources for content creation with a new twist, finding influencers who are talented at creating the style of content you want …

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Social Media News – July 2018 Edit

July was an exciting month in the Social Media world. New features such as music and questions stickers in stories made Instagram even more interactive for its users, while Facebook also launched Watch …

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Getting started with Instagram Advertising

Instagram ads are created and run on the Facebook Ad platform. Because of this, you get all of the highly-detailed targeting and choice of objectives that Facebook offers. With over 800 million monthly …

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