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Social Media News – March 2018 Edit

March has been an exciting and tough month in the Social Media world. With social media news abound, Facebook Algorithm updates, and the Cambridge Analytica scandal turning social media on its head, businesses …

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UGC Blog Cover

6 Benefits of User-generated Content

What is User-Generated Content? User-generated Content or ‘UGC’ as the Social Media world likes to call it, is in simple terms content related to a brand created by someone other than the brand. …

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Blog Cover: About Vero

Vero: 7 Things Businesses Need to Know

What is Vero and should you download it? This week, you may have noticed your social feeds become awash with clued-up friends and creators asking you to follow them on Vero, their brand …

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Say Goodbye to Facebook 'Engagement Bait'

Facebook are clamping down on Pages and individuals asking their followers to like, share or comment on their content., also known as Engagement bait. This is a great move from Facebook, as navigating …

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Social Media News: December 2016 Edit

2016 was a busy year for social, and December didn’t lag behind the other months. The internet gods churned out so many updates to their platforms it’d be easy to lose track. But …

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