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Beefsteak Club fan base grows 278% in five months, with Instagram engagement rate up over 4500%

Summary of Brief

Ehrmann’s Wine asked Taylor+Goes to help them raise the profile of their Beefsteak Club brand, and build a community of meat-lovers who share their passion for a good bottle of wine shared with good friends.

Our approach was to make the brand the star and build an engaged following centred around humour, authenticity, and good food. User-generated content abound, being a member of the Beefsteak herd is a badge of honour for fans.

Increase in Twitter Followers
Increase in Facebook Followers
Increase in Instagram Followers
Increase in Facebook Engagements
Increase in engagements per Instagram post
Increase in Twitter Engagements

An Ehrmann’s wine brand, Beefsteak Club was created with steak and wine lovers in mind to honour the dining clubs of the 18th and 19th century which celebrated the beefsteak as a symbol of liberty and prosperity. They now have six wines in their stable – Beef and Liberty Malbec, Malbec Reserve, Malbec Estate, and their new Tempranillo, Shiraz, and French Malbec.

Beefsteak fans benefit from more than just good wine. 1000s of Club members and their rapidly growing social media following enjoy recipes, pairing ideas and exclusive offers throughout the year.

You can buy Beefsteak Club wines in Waitrose, Majestic, and in restaurants and wine shops nationwide.

What Beefsteak Club Say

“We’ve been working with Taylor+Goes since 2016 and have been consistently impressed by their professionalism and deep knowledge of social channels. They have not only grown our following online, but have elicited genuine engagement and buzz around our Beefsteak Club brand. As digital natives, they know how to keep things fresh”
Beefsteak Wine Club,
Susannah Taylor

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