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Brazilian Centre and Produtos Brasilieros enjoy a 600% increase in website orders coinciding with increases in social media engagement and community growth.

Summary of Brief

Brazilian Centre and Produtos Brasileiros have established themselves as a hub for Brazilian and South American food and community in London. They came to Taylor+Goes with a challenge, how do they transfer their bricks and mortar success online to simulate the conversations and sales and cater for digital audiences.

We learnt that nostalgia and belonging are key motivators for Brazilian Centre customers. They want quality food, and products they recognise that spark memories of home. There was also an opportunity to create an online hub for expat Brazilian and South American communities to engage in current affairs relevant to them.

We focused on showcasing nostalgic recipes and products, and topical news to stimulate community interaction. With ongoing promotion of best performing content and targeted product promotion, we amplified Brazilian Centre’s content and drove an increase in web sales of 600% in the first six months:

Increase in Facebook Followers
Instagram Impressions
Increase in ave. Monthly Retweets
Increase in Total Facebook Engagements
Instagram Engagement
Increase in web orders

In addition to the numbers above:

  • Facebook follower growth is 10.7 times higher than average competitor growth rate.
  • Facebook total engagement rate is 62 times higher than competitor average.
  • Facebook engagement per post is 7 times higher than competitor average.

What Brazilian Centre Say

These guys are truly efficient and really on the ball when it comes to social media! They really are exceptionally ahead of any other companies we have worked with before.
Brazilian Centre,
Felipe do Carmo

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