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Category: Insider Knowledge

Social Media News Sept 2018 Cover

Social Media News – September 2018 Edit

September was an exciting month for social, with many updates allowing businesses to achieve better results. Facebook made Stories Ads available to all advertisers, and offered new ways to showcase products this festive …

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image of influencer sliceofmatt

Influencer Insights: @sliceofmatt

Authenticity is key to the success of influencers, their followers have to trust that they aren’t simply promoting a product because they are being paid to. Strong influencers tackle this, by working with …

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Social Media News – July 2018 Edit

July was an exciting month in the Social Media world. New features such as music and questions stickers in stories made Instagram even more interactive for its users, while Facebook also launched Watch …

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Influencer Insights: @cory_s_smith

Often niche influencers won’t appear in their own posts at all, they’ll specialise in creating incredible product photography. Brands will jump at the chance of working with these influencers, for both their pull …

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Influencer Insights: @wadegodman

Micro influencers are your everyday people who have a built a small, but dedicated following. They are the gemstones of the influencer industry, with a highly engaged and trusting community. In fact, surveys …

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Social Media News – June 2018 Edit

June was a riveting and eventful month in the Social Media world, filled with a plethora of exciting developments, updates, features, and trends. For our June roundup, we’ve compiled a list of highlights …

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Influencer Insights: @chelloveswine

The Influencer industry is a haven for niche markets. While general lifestyle and celebrity influencers have a huge (and often broad) following, niche influencers are a great way to target your audiences. In …

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Influencer Insights: @eastlondonmornings

Building a trusting community has become one of the most important aspects of the influencer industry. Studies have found that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from others over branded content, and more businesses …

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Influencer Insights: @monalogue

Influencer marketing is constantly changing, and at times a personal account and some inspiring words can turn into a full time job. In this series, we talk to influencers of all sizes on …

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