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Social Media News Sept 2018 Cover

Social Media News – September 2018 Edit

September was an exciting month for social, with many updates allowing businesses to achieve better results. Facebook made Stories Ads available to all advertisers, and offered new ways to showcase products this festive …

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Getting started with Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest as a social platform can at times be overlooked. While it has fewer users than other platforms with just over 175 million monthly active users, it’s the quiet powerhouse of social. Pinterest’s …

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Getting started with Linkedin Advertising

In order to start advertising on Linkedin, make sure you’ve created and optimised your company page. The platform has 250 million monthly active users, all of which are there for one reason: business. …

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Getting started with Instagram Advertising

Instagram ads are created and run on the Facebook Ad platform. Because of this, you get all of the highly-detailed targeting and choice of objectives that Facebook offers. With over 800 million monthly …

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Getting started with YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising is all about the content, so ensure you have created a great video for your campaign. YouTube advertising does not have its own dedicated platform, instead you can upload your video …

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